Everything there is to know about Hannah

Hannah XX

  • Above is a reasonable representation of my typical daily appearance.
  • I was born in 1960. I have not yet died.
  • Previously I was Michael, but that name has never quite fit me. A lot of things never fit me, so now I am Hannah.
  • Unexpected bonus: Hannah is a palindrome. Now I'm the same coming and going.
  • I am 5' 11" tall in heels, but walking around in heels isn't any fun. Bet! So barefoot, or in comfortable flat shoes, I am 5' 8".
  • My partner is an artist.
  • After 35 years in Los Angeles I moved to Joshua Tree. I hope to stay here for the next 35 years.
  • I hope to live another 35 years.
  • I work for an internet company, soon you will too.
  • I started a podcast for no reason, and did it for more than five years. I may do it again.
  • I once walked into Libya from neighboring Tunisia. No one tried to kill me, but it was a long time ago.
  • I know Most of the words to every song you can name. If we ever meet, don't test me on that, though.
  • I go by Hannah XX because I should have had XX chromosomes, but the factory made a mistake. Also because the man who gave me my last name turned out to be a transphobe. I've forgiven him, but he still doesn't speak to me, so let's just XX out his name, shall we?
  • This is an author's site full of books and things, but we're friends, so I can be honest with you and admit that I'm still looking for my voice. It's not easy to explain that, but one of the side-effects of transitioning is that everything here—really everything I wrote over the past few decades—feels a little bit like it was written by someone else. I still think it has value, though, or it wouldn't be here. I hope you'll agree.

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