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ANTI WAR - A collection of dissident work by letterpress printers

Hannah XX

Edition of 250 - set consists of 21 5" x 5" cards

Featuring work by letterpress artists Tara Bryan, Tim Dunn, Bryan Hutcheson, Hannah XX, Boris Savic, and Gail Watson. Includes my poem Still No Sign of Osama bin Laden, hand-set and printed on my late 1800s letterpress, and a lot of excellent work on the other cards (not all of the cards are pictured here).

This beautiful set was three years in the making and is not available to the public anywhere but here. I only have a couple of them that I can let go of, that's why it's expensive, and that's why you should pick it up now and add it to your extensive collection of dissident letterpress work.

Johnny Brewton's letterpressed X-RAY collections sell for $150 to $200 per issue on the secondary market. This collection is equal in quality to the very best X-RAY releases, in my humble (and highly biased) opinion.

ANTI WAR - A collection of dissident work by letterpress printers is in the permanent collection of The Queen Elizabeth II Library at Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Yes, the name on the cards that I printed for this project is Michael. That's my old name. Now I'm Hannah. Don't be confused, it's just the modern world coming to rewind the tape and start over. You'll be fine.

Limited edition: $79.95

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